R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SUVEC
Certification: ISO
Model Number: R32
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: standard rock drill bit package: Standard package by wooden case or customized by your request.
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 10000 pieces/month
Diameter: 33-152mm Skirt Body: Standard, Retrac
Usage: Drifting Tunneling Bench Drilling Carbide Shape:: Spherical, Ballistic, Ogive, Parabolic, Flat
Mining Object: Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone Face Design: Flat, Drop, Centre
Material: Tungsten Carbide Name: R32 Dome Button Threaded Button Bit And Drifting Tunneling Bench Drilling R32 Threaded Drill Bit
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dth button bits


button drill bit

R32 Dome Button Threaded button bit and drifting tunneling bench drilling R32 threaded drill bit

Rock Drill Thread Button Bits is suitable for R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, T60 rock drill rods use. It have many thread. It's widely used for hard rock(f=8~18) drilling use.

Thread button drill bits are made by high quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbides. Through heat treatment, our drilling tools are tough enough to meet rock drilling demands and have the least loss of energy while drilling the rocks.Besides, we can design customized thread button drill bits according to different drilling application, and custom drill bits are applicable to drill soft rock, loose-medium rock and hard rock.

We offers 2 types of percussive bits: button-type and blade-type.

Button bits are a moderately abrasive type of bit used where fast penetration is required, and straightness is less critical. Ideal for medium to hard ground, these bits are recognized by their characteristic raised buttons and grooved chipways and flushing holes on the face.

Blade bits are used when a straight hole is critical. While these bits penetrate slower than a button bit, they maintain accuracy and hole diameter with reduced gauge wear, as compared to button bits. This type of bit is recognized by its sharp, raised “X” pattern and centered flushing hole on the face.

R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 0

We can provide a wide range of rock drill button bit for you:

Button Bits

Components - Button bits are categorized by a variety of criteria: bit diameter, skirt length, skirt diameter, wall thickness, and gauge clearance angle, face design, and button insert types.

Skirt Designs intro - Our button bit skirt designs can be split into two categories: Retrac and Straightrac.The Retrac skirt features an extended body, with cutting edges or ribs designed into the skirt. This design ensures easy removal and completion of the bit in adverse ground conditions.The Straightrac skirt features an angled flute design with an extended skirt body that maintains 360° contact in the hole. The Straightrac design has been field tested and proven to provide straight holes in even the most adverse ground conditions.

Face design -

BR - Button Recessed – Ideal for straight hole applications in broken ground, button recessed bits are characterized by a unique “drop center” face design.

BF - Button Flat – Defined by their flat face design, these general purpose bits are designed to be effective in medium to hard ground conditions.

BC - Button Chisel – With a distinct chisel shape, this fast-penetrating style of bit is perfect for abrasive conditions, and is often utilized in tunneling applications.

BD - Button Dome – Featuring a clearly defined raised profile, this style of bit is used primarily in reaming applications in soft ground.

R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 1

Insert type –

Hemispherical Button - (Height 0.5 Ø)

Application Strength - multipurpose

Best suited to hard ground

25,000 to 45,000 PSI (170 to 300 MPa)

Abrasive to very abrasive

Ballistic Button - (Height 0.75 Ø)

Application Strength - fast penetration

Best suited to soft ground

10,000 to 20,000 PSI (70 to 140 MPa)

Non abrasive ground

Parabolic Button (semi ballistic) - (Height 0.6 Ø)

Application Strength - fast penetration

Best suited to medium ground

15,000 to 25,000 PSI (100 to 170 MPa)

Mildly abrasive ground

Conical Button - (Height 0.65 Ø)

Application Strength – fast penetration

Suited for all non-abrasive ground types

Smaller contact area

Best suited for smaller diameter bits

Number of buttons – (charts in catalog)

33 mm - 45 mm - 3 - 6 buttons

45 mm - 51 mm - 4 - 6 buttons

51+ mm - 6 - 10 buttons

Hard Rock - Larger Ø

Medium Rock - Smaller Ø

Soft Rock - Smaller Ø

R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 2

Advantage of our thread rock button bit:

1. The threaded drill bits are equiped with the hydraulic drilling jumbo and used for crush rock, which are widely used in the tunnel construction, large scale mine (open and underground) and large section tunnel advance in metal mine.

2. We can make all kinds of threaded drill bits, that include R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51,ST58, GT60, ST68 and so on, and the head diameter range from 41mm to 127mm.

3. Our R&D team will develop the sharpest industry "teeth", the most suitable bits for different application. The bits with sharp buttons are suit for harrd and mid-hard rock, and have excellent wear resistence and driving speed. The bits with round buttons are extensively used in hard rock with high abrasion and impact resistance.

4. Our button bit is made of top quality steel and tungsten carbide same with well-known brand in the world. For the technic, we take “hot-insertion” processing procedure to insert the buttons into the bit. Optimized designs improve the drilling efficiency. And automatic production line ensure the quality stability of product. Strict requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability of the bits.

Product specification:

Bit body type EX: Regular skirt, Retract bit, Guide bit and Beaming bit
Bit head type EX: Drop Center (DC), Flat Face(FF), Convex, Concave
Thread type EX: R25, R28, R32, R38, R3212, T38, ST58, etc
Carbide Button type EX: spherical, ballistic, parabolic etc

R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 3

Application of the thread rock button bit:

Suitable for powerful percussive drills and top hammers with high speed drifter, such as Atlas Copco 282 rocket boomer, Atlas Copco 352 rocket boomer jumbo, AtlasCopcoD7roc, FurukawaHCR 1200, Tamrock, and Ingesoll Rand ECM660, the products are widely used in bench and production drilling, extensional drilling.

our products with comparative advantages of the more prominent cost-effective as the famous brand in the world, our products have been recognized as high-quality brand of rock-drilling tools made in China.

Parameter of the thread rock button bit:

R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 4R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 5R32 Dome Button Threaded Carbide Button Bits , R32 Threaded Drill Bit 6

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